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Give Thanks for your Home Appliances

Owning home appliances make modern life so much easier and more convenient. Instead of having to schlep your family’s clothes to the laundry mat once or twice a week, you can simply throw a load in your home washer and dryer whenever you happen to be home. Instead of spending your evenings slaving away over…
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Is your oven haunted? Call American Appliance Repair Inc.

This Halloween, it can be fun to imagine things are haunted, but perhaps you’re actually dealing with a real-life scary situation… a haunted oven! Does your oven fail to heat in a reasonable amount of time? Do you struggle to cook food evenly because it doesn’t maintain a uniform temperature? Perhaps you’ve even seen a…
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Spooked by your grinding garbage disposal?

If you’re afraid to use your garbage disposal because of the incredibly loud racket it makes whenever it’s being used, it’s time to call the repair experts at American Appliance Repair. Don’t live your life in fear of your garbage disposal – banish your fears today by getting expert assistance from American Appliance Repair. Our garbage disposal technicians are…
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