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Why Get Professional Refrigerator Repair in South Pasadena CA

Discover some convincing reasons to get professional refrigerator repair in South Pasadena CA When your refrigerator stops working, you basically have three options: try to fix it yourself, call a repair guy, or buy a new fridge. For most people, calling a repair technician is the best option. When you call American Appliance Repair for…
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Do You Have a Noisy Dishwasher?

Excess dishwasher noise may mean you need to replace the motor, heater fan, or pumpMany people like to run their dishwashers at night and wake up to a machine full of clean dishes in the morning. A certain amount of noise is normal from any dishwasher, but if your dishwasher is overly noisy to the…
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Five Washing Machine Failure Risks You Should Know About

Learn how to prevent washing machine failure from causing expensive water damage to your property If your washing machine suddenly fails, you could end up with extensive water damage on your hands. A washing machine failure costs the average homeowner $5,308 (after deductible) and washing machine problems are definitely on the top 10 list of…
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Quality Parts and Quality Repairs Go Hand in Hand

Buying cheap parts for appliance repair may cost you more in the long run. When it comes to appliance repair, the reliability of the repair is only as good as the parts involved. Often, buying the cheapest possible part will not actually deliver the cost savings you anticipate because it may fail sooner than a…
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