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5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Refrigerator’s Water Filter

American Appliance Repair makes it easy to get the exact filter you need installed fast Having cold ice and water available right in your refrigerator door is certainly a convenience. But only so long as you remember to keep that ice and water fresh by changing your water filter regularly. Neglect this maintenance task and…
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Global Smart Appliance Market Predicted to Grow to $26 Billion

Should you hop on the bandwagon and buy a smart appliance for your home? According to data from Intertek, global consumers spent $40 million on smart appliances in 2010. By 2011 this figure had grown to $509 million, and by 2019 experts predict that consumers will spend a whopping $26 billion on smart appliances. What…
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What’s the Best Laundry Detergent for Your Washing Machine?

When selecting a laundry detergent, other factors besides cleaning power may need to be considered. There are almost too many varieties of laundry detergent out there to count. Trying to choose one can be overwhelming after all, every one promises to be the best! Considering the difficulty of comparing actual cleaning power, brand loyalty, price,…
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Keep Foods Fresher Longer with These Fridge Tips

Whether you have a cutting edge Sub Zero refrigerator or a more basic model, how you stock your fridge affects food freshness. Some of the latest high-end refrigerators have all kinds of special features designed to keep food fresher longer. For example, Sub Zero refrigerators have separate compressors and evaporators for the fridge and freezer…
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