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How Do You “Maintenance” an Appliance?

Regular maintenance is a simple and easy way of extending the lifespan of your washer, dryer, refrigerator, garbage disposal, washing machine, and other household appliances. Some forms of maintenance can be done on your own, while others require specialized tools and professional assistance. Maintenance falls into two main categories: cleaning and parts replacement. Cleaning You…
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Why Moving Often Leads to Refrigerator Repair in Rancho Mirage CA

The most common moving mistakes and how to prevent them from damaging your fridge Moving big, heavy appliances like refrigerators can be a pain. Many people simply choose to buy a new refrigerator and have it professionally delivered and installed in their newly purchased home. However, if you move frequently or simply can’t afford a…
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Silence Your Noisy Dryer with Appliance Repair Glendora CA

Appliance repair Glendora CA can solve common problems that may be causing your dryer noise Many people try to put off appliance repair in Glendora CA as long as possible. They figure that as long as the appliance is still limping along, there’s no real hurry to fix it. One exception is dryer repair. Noisy,…
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Do Energy Efficient Models Really Save You Money?

If you’re interested in saving on your utility bills, consider upgrading an old or oversized unit Energy prices seem to increase almost constantly, so how do combat the rising cost of energy without sacrificing everyday comforts? You have undoubtedly seen or heard advertisements which claim that energy-efficient appliances can help you save a lot of…
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