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Does a Microwave with Broken Controls Have to Be Replaced?

Does a Microwave with Broken Controls Have to Be Replaced?

In the world of replaceable appliances, many people assume that if their microwave controls have stopped working, the only option is to replace it. This is often not the case. There are many ways that you may be able to repair your microwave. At American Appliance Repair we believe in finding ways to prolong the lifespan of appliances – including microwaves.

Troubleshooting Options for Microwave Controls That Do Not Work

If you have microwave buttons that are not working, there are a number of issues that could be at fault. Before you follow the below steps for troubleshooting what’s wrong, make sure you unplug the microwave. We also recommend that you avoid any live voltage troubleshooting unless you are appropriately trained.

It May Be an Issue with the Microwave Display

It may not be a problem with the buttons on your microwave – it could be that the microwave display itself is no longer working. This may be the case if there is no time or anything displayed on your control panel. If you put in the time and press start, even if the display is not working, it will still run. If this does not happen then you will need to replace the control board.

You Will Know if It is the Control Board

In most cases, you are going to know if the control board is not working. How? Because it is essentially the brains of your microwave. If it is not working well, then your microwave is not going to be working. When in good shape, pressing a button on your microwave sends an electrical signal to other parts of the control board. If it not working then those signals are not sent and / or not delivered – which means that nothing will work.

The Issue May Be with the Touch Pad Membrane

If you have the control panel open, disconnect the control board by taking out the mounting screws and disconnecting the ribbon. That ribbon will lead you to the touchpad membrane. If your microwave mostly works but there are a few issues with some buttons, then it is likely the touch pad membrane that is the issue.

It is most common for the “Start” button to not work, as frequent pressing of this button can cause the buttons to war down. The membrane can be taken off by simply peeling it and you can then replace it with another from the manufacturer. When it has been installed, connect it to the control board with the ribbon connector, reconnect all wires, and test your microwave.

At American Appliance Repair we are proud to work on appliances that others may throw away. We believe in reducing waste and helping our clients save money. If you have appliances that need service or repair, contact us at 800-640-9934 at your earliest convenience.

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