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Get Your Garbage Disposal Back to Top Shape by Working with a Top Appliance Repair Company

Get Your Garbage Disposal Back to Top Shape by Working with a Top Appliance Repair Company

If your garbage disposal has been working at anything other than top capacity, it is time to contact American Appliance Repair for help. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common issues and their solutions, then contact us at 800-640-9934 to see how we can help with garbage disposal repair.

We Can Help with Jammed Garbage Disposals

Your garbage disposal can become jammed for any number of reasons, though one of the most common is putting too much waste down it at a time. While a minor jam may work itself out fairly quickly, a more serious jam does require the assistance of an appliance repair company. The best technique to fix it will depend on the specific type of garbage disposal and the type and seriousness of the jam.

Call us for Help with a Noisy Garbage Disposal

Of course, no garbage disposal is silent and you should expect it to make noise. That said, if there are foreign objects in it, if there are old or worn screws, old blades, damaged flyweights, or issues with the lugs, it can make a lot more noise that it needs to. If you have noticed it getting louder, or if it was louder than it should have been initially, contact us for help.

Have a Leaky Connection? We Can Help with That Too

If you have noticed a leak between your garbage disposal unit and the sink, or a leak between the garbage disposal unit and your pipes, then there are a number of potential issues. Most often, that type of leak is caused by a bad flange or gasket, either of which we can replace. If you have a leak in the body of the garbage disposal unit itself, then you will likely need to replace the garbage disposal completely.

Is Your Garbage Disposal Not Turning on at All?

If you have a total lack of power to your garbage disposal, then the most common cause is that it is overheated. Simply give it a moment to rest and then reset it. That should fix the problem but if it doesn’t, then it’s time to call for help. Additionally, if you find that it is frequently overheating, then it may be time to replace the unit.

Let Us Help You Decide if Repair or Replacement is the Right Option

There is no need to replace a unit that is in good working order but simply has a part out of place or worn out. However, in some cases it is more cost-effective to repair a unit that has repeated problems. But when is that time to replace it? With more than 30 years of experience repairing garbage disposals and other appliances, at American Appliance Repair we know how to determine then right time to replace versus repair. Call us now at 800-640-9934 and we can advise you on the situation.

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