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Is your dishwasher making weird noises?

Is your dishwasher making weird noises?

When you turn your dishwasher on and go sit down on your couch to relax for a bit, are you alarmed by the weird noises coming from your dishwasher? Perhaps it washes your dishes okay – no great – so that’s not really a huge problem. But if your dishwasher makes strange noises, it’s a really good idea to get it check out by a professional before something major breaks. If you put it off for too long, your dishwasher could stop working entirely, and you may even need to get it totally replaced. Save time and money by calling American Appliance Repair to get your dishwasher back to excellent working condition ASAP – we can be reached at 800-640-9934. Give us a ring and we’ll be happy to send an experienced technician to your home that very same day.

Our technicians are the best

Your dishwasher will be in excellent hands with our technicians. We have assembled a crew of highly experienced technicians who are always expanding their knowledge of complex dishwasher mechanisms as the technology develops as new makes and models come onto the market. We encourage our technicians to specialize in various dishwasher brands, so be sure to mention which brand your dishwasher is when you call to request service, and we’ll send a technician who has plenty of experience and familiarity with your dishwasher’s brand.

We’ve seen it all before

Rest assured that our technician will evaluate and diagnose the exact problem with your dishwasher. Then he or she will let you know what that is, recommend the best plan for repairing it, and give you a free estimate before beginning work. You’ll find that our prices are reasonable, and we always talk about the expected amount before beginning work so you won’t have to deal with any surprise bills later on. Upon your agreement, our technician will begin your repair service. Your dishwasher will be humming along perfectly in no time!

We’ve seen all kinds of dishwasher repair problems over the years including:

  • Poor rinsing/washing
  • No water
  • No hot water
  • Dishwasher hums and then turns off
  • Overly long wash cycles
  • Leaks
  • Drain problems
  • And more

High quality replacement parts

Many dishwashers stop working well because one or more parts needs to be replaced. If that’s the case for your dishwasher, don’t worry. We have many often-needed replacement parts on-hand and ready to be installed in your dishwasher. You won’t have to wait around for a part to be ordered and mailed – our technicians drive well-stocked company trucks, so he or she will simply walk out to the truck, find it, and install it on the spot. High quality, manufacturer-recommended replacement parts from American Appliance Repair include:

  • Thermostat
  • Timer
  • Heating element
  • Gasket
  • Pump assembly
  • Sprayer arms
  • Wash and drain impellers
  • Float switches
  • Valves
  • Motors

Stop putting up with a noisy dishwasher – give us a call today at 800-640-9934! We’ll strive to send a technician to your home that very same day.

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