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Is Your Washing Machine Leaving Marks on Your Clothing? Learn the Possible Reasons Why

Is Your Washing Machine Leaving Marks on Your Clothing? Learn the Possible Reasons Why

Your washing machine is supposed to keep your clothes looking clean and smelling great, yet if a washing machine is not functioning well, it can do the opposite. Sometimes it starts by seeming as though there is a marker stuck in the wash that is marking up the clothing. If it continues then, it could be that there is an issue with the machine itself. You can check below to learn about some of the potential causes, or you can call American Appliance Repair for appliance assessment at 800-640-9934.

You Might Be Loading Your Machine Too Full

Many people assume that the issue with overloading is that the water and soap cannot get to the clothing. This is not the issue. The issue is that the detergent cannot circulate well after it is on the clothing. This could lead to stains caused by the detergent. This is a more common issue with powder detergent than with liquid, though either can cause issues.

You Are Using Too Much Fabric Softener

If you have ever gotten liquid fabric softener on your hands, you know that it has a sort of waxy consistency. Why? Because it coats the fibers of your clothing with a nice-smelling wax. However, it only works if it is dissolving into the water correctly. If the machine is too full, or if there is much too much fabric softener, then it can leave behind visible residue.

Your Washing Machine’s Door Seal is Moldy

If the issue is black streaks after your clothing comes out of the washer, then you should take a look at the gasket on your washer. This is more often a problem on front-load washers. If you see mold in there, then that is what is leaving stains on your shirt. This mold is allowed to grow because the water is not drying quickly enough because the seal is not tight enough.

The first step to fix this issue is to clean away the mold with white vinegar or your favorite cleaner. You can then think about replacing the entire seal. You can talk to us to find out if this is the best option.

Your Washer Has a Damaged Drive Belt

The drive belt is the piece of the dryer that physically moves the drum. When it is moving, the fabric softener and detergent are able to evenly distribute over the clothing. If it is not working well, then the detergent and fabric softener can drop on one spot of your laundry and cause stains.

Whether you are having one of the above issues with your washing machine or something else entirely, you can contact American Appliance Repair now at 800-640-9934 for help.

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