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Learn How to Get Rid of a Bad, Sour Smelling in Your Washing Machine

Learn How to Get Rid of a Bad, Sour Smelling in Your Washing Machine

Have you noticed that your washing machine has a bad, sour smell? Does the smell stick around even when there is nothing in your washing machine? There are a number of reasons that this could be happening. Some may require professional washing machine repair. Others can be fixed quickly and easily at home. Learn the steps you can take to try and handle the issue on your own.

Front Loading High-Efficiency Washers Are Prone to Bad Smells

While there are many advantages to front-loading, high-efficiency washers, the truth is that they often develop a sour smell and this smell can just get worse as time goes on. This is an unfortunate side effect of the sealing technology that is needed for it to be front loading. These washers have to seal 100% when they are closed, otherwise water would leak on the floor. However, these seals also prevent air from circulating and drying the washer between uses.

The seal itself is thick and made from rubber, and can fold over to become the perfect place for water to puddle – which eventually makes for a great place for mildew to hide. When a front-loading washer does not dry time after time, mildew problems can continue and sour up the washer – even when there is no water inside it and no water being washed. There is nothing wrong with the washer, other than the dampness lets mildew grow. The good news is that there is a relatively simple solution.

The Solution is Simple: Kill the Mildew and Improve Airflow

The first step to take if you have mildew that’s already present in the lines is to kill it. There are a few ways you can do so. First, you may try running very hot water with a mixture of white water and borax granules in place of detergent. Vinegar works because it is anti-fungal, while borax is sharp on a molecular level which can scrub away and kill mildew causing the bad smell.

To prevent the smell from returning, you want to increase airflow. If you do not have pets or small children, you can simply leave the door open once in a while. Otherwise, take a few seconds to wipe out the rubber seal each time you use your washing machine.

We Can Help with the More Complicated Repairs

If this does not solve the problem, or if you have other issues with your washing machine, contact American Appliance Repair at 800-640-9934 to learn what your options are. We have many years of experience working on all makes and models of washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and much more. If you have an appliance that is in need of care or repair then you have found the right company to work with.

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