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Learn What Common Refrigerator Noises May Mean and What to Do About Them

Learn What Common Refrigerator Noises May Mean and What to Do About Them

When they are working correctly, refrigerators are one of the quietest appliances in the home – and this means that it can be even more troublesome when they are making noises. If you have noticed your fridge making noises, contact your appliance repair company or keep reading to find out what each of the noises may mean.

Refrigerator Clicking Noises

It is almost always the case that when a refrigerator is making a clicking noise, the water inlet valve opening is dispensing water to the ice maker. If the noise is repetitive, it may seem alarming but it is likely nothing serious. It may be that the fridge is starting to cool other compartments. Unless the clicking is constant for many hours, it is nothing to worry about.

Rattling Refrigerators

If it sounds like something is rattling inside your fridge, you are likely dealing with a waterline issue. Your waterline can rattle as water is pumped through to the water dispenser or ice maker. If you hear this rattling, it is likely that the waterline is not secure and is moving around when it is used. It is not necessarily an issue that will affect performance but it could eventually lead to a leak – plus the noise can be aggravating.

If the rattling appears to be coming from the bottom of your refrigerator, then you are likely dealing with the drain pan moving back and forth as your fridge runs. water line requires that your drain pan be adjusted to prevent it from moving.

Dripping Noises Coming from Your Refrigerator

There are actually many issues that can result in the sound that your refrigerator is dripping. In most cases, it is not an issue but you should know what to listen for. If it is “normal,” then the dripping noise will come from outside of the fridge after the compressor has turned off, or it will come from the freezer compartment when water seem into the ice maker.

The dripping noises that should concern you are those that happen inside the compartment of the fridge. This can indicate a leak within the defrost system. Ideally, your defrost system handles any melting frost by whisking it away. If it is making noise, then there is a good chance something has gone wrong.

If you hear a noise coming from your refrigerator and you are worried about it, you can always call your local appliance repair company to get advice or request service. American Appliance Repair can be reached at 800-640-9934 and is happy to help.

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