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How Long Should a Sub Zero Refrigerator Last?

With proper care and maintenance, a Sub Zero Refrigerator should last for decades

How Long Should a Sub Zero Refrigerator Last?Sub Zero refrigerators come with a hefty price tag, but in exchange you receive a high-performance appliance that is sturdy, well-made, and packed with features. Like any appliance, Sub Zero refrigerators may experience issues from time to time. However, features that allow for easy maintenance, as well as excellent warranty protections and skilled service from companies like American Appliance Repair make it possible to get decades of reliable service from your Sub Zero Refrigerator.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Maintenance

Cleaning the condenser coils is a vital maintenance task on any kind of refrigerator. However, most models have the access panel for the coils on the back, so you have to move the fridge to do your maintenance. With Sub Zero refrigerators, the coils are either at the top or the bottom of the fridge rather than in the back, making it possible to clean without the added step and hassle of moving the fridge. By making maintenance more convenient, Sub Zero has made homeowners more likely to complete this maintenance. Because clean condenser coils are vital for efficient cooling, the end result is a fridge that lasts longer because it gets cleaned more often.

Sub Zero Warranty Repairs

The fact that Sub Zero offers 3 different factory warranties providing graduated coverage for the first 12 years of every refrigerator’s life should give an idea of how long they expect you to keep your unit. Browsing online will also show anecdotal evidence from many satisfied owners who have had their units for more than 20 years. If your Sub Zero refrigerator should need a repair, you should definitely contact a repair company that has experience with these particular refrigerators. After all, Sub Zero refrigerators have many special features not found in other brands so your average repair company might not be able to service them. Although the cost of replacement parts and repairs can be higher than with other refrigerator brands, considering the cost of a new unit you are almost always better off choosing to repair your unit rather than replace it. Repairing or even rebuilding various vital systems with help from American Appliance Repair can give you years more of reliable service.

Energy and Grocery Savings Offset Your Costs

When considering purchasing your first Sub Zero or repairing a model you already own, don’t forget that the high cost can be recouped through years of ultra-efficient performance. Sub Zero fridges are well-insulated for efficiency, resulting in less electricity consumption. They also feature special technologies that allow produce to last longer in the fridge, giving you the ability to buy fresh produce in bulk without worrying about waste.

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