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Mythbusting: Learn the Facts Behind These Commonly Believed Garbage Disposal Myths

Mythbusting: Learn the Facts Behind These Commonly Believed Garbage Disposal Myths

There are many commonly held beliefs about garbage disposals that are simply untrue. We have written about some of them before but today we are here to discuss more and determine if there is any truth to them. Read on for more information and then contact American Appliance Repair at 800-640-9934 if you need help with your garbage disposal or another household appliance.

True or False: Garbage Disposals Have Sharp Blades to Be Afraid Of

False. While you might imagine a razor-sharp blade in your sink, the truth is that the “blades” of the disposal are much like teeth than blades. They spin at very high speeds to grind up waste – not cut it. Think of it more like a cheese grader: while you do not necessarily want to stick your hand in, you also aren’t likely to lose a finger if you do.

True or False: You Can Sharpen the Blades in Your Garbage Disposal by Putting Ice in It

We just went over the fact that there are not actually blades in your garbage disposal so you know this is at least partially true – but can grinding up ice help clean or sharpen the grinders in your garbage disposal? No. Others use eggshells to attempt the same outcome, but eggshells should not go down the garbage disposal at all because the membrane layers can get entangled in the impellers and clog your pipes.

True or False: It is Important to Run Hot Water When You Are Running the Disposal

False. In fact, the opposite is actually true – cold water can help flush food particles down your sink’s drain but hot water can cause issues. How? It can result in oils and fats staying in liquid form, which allows them to flow down your pipes only to turn into solids when they get deeper down the pipes. This can create serious clogs. The best option is to not put any fats or oils down your drain, but cold water will at least keep them in their solid form and ensure they are ground up.

True or False: Running a Lemon Through the Disposal Can Make the Sink Cleaner

False. It might help it smell better for a short time, but it does not actually make it any cleaner. It’s true that there is citric acid in lemons but it is not strong enough to remove stale food or disinfect the disposal. In fact, it can lead to the metal corroding over time.

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