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Sub Zero Appliance Repair Alta Loma CA

You can trust your Sub Zero Appliance repair Alta Loma CA to us

Alta Loma is a lovely residential community in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. Many local streets have names that hint at luxury, like Sapphire Street and Thoroughbred Street. It’s no surprise that inside many of Alta Loma CA’s affluent homes, you’ll find high-quality Sub Zero appliances. If you’ve invested in a Sub Zero, you’ll obviously want to take excellent care of it. Part of this means always using an expert contractor like American Appliance Repair when you need Sub Zero appliance repair Alta Loma CA.

Quality Sub Zero Appliance Repair

At American Appliance repair, we have the skills and expertise needed to provide superior service for all Sub Zero models. Our technicians are fully trained and they know how to tackle a wide variety of issues that you may experience with your appliance. Here are some of the key services we can provide for your Sub Zero appliance:
Sub Zero

  • Cleaning or replacing condenser coils
  • Repairing condenser fans and motors
  • Fixing compressors
  • Installing new door seals
  • Repairing thermostat controls
  • Replacing water filters
  • Repairing water supply lines

Fast, Reliable Service

Sub Zero appliances are exceptionally well sealed and insulated, but that doesn’t mean you want to wait one minute longer than you have to when your fridge motor breaks down or your condenser coils stop cooling. Fortunately, you can call American Appliance Repair and usually receive same-day service for your Sub-Zero appliance.

Sub Zero Appliance Maintenance

We also offer preventative maintenance like cleanings and filter replacements to keep your appliance running better longer. Hopefully, regular maintenance can even help you avoid the need for Sub Zero appliance repair Alta Loma CA altogether.

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