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Best Refrigerator Repair Company in Pomona CA

Trust the best refrigerator repair company in Pomona CA

Best Refrigerator Repair CompanyWhy buy quality ingredients if you cannot count on your refrigerator to keep them in top shape? A fridge that is providing suboptimal performance can waste you a lot of money in food that’s gone bad but it can be even worse – you could potentially get sick from food that is not properly cooled. This is why you will be glad you found American Appliance Repair as your refrigerator repair company in Pomona CA.

We offer advanced diagnostic and repair services

It is true that some problems with refrigerators are obvious. For example, if your issue is that you have a leaking water line, or your light bulb is burnt out, you know that’s the problem and can call for specific services. However, in many cases the issue is not that clear. It could be something as simple as a strange noise coming from your machine.

We regularly get calls from clients who say that they can’t pinpoint the issue but they know that their fridge is no longer providing the optimal service it was when they first bought it. We can review some of the most common causes of this particular issue to see which one(s) is / are the culprit. For example, any of the following can reduce how well a refrigerator performs:

  • Dirty condenser coils
  • Bad evaporator fan motor
  • Bad condenser fan motor
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Broken compressor

Other companies may simply start making minor repairs in hopes that one of them will fix the great problem. At American Appliance Repair we understand that the symptoms are just that – symptoms. They are not the problem. We get to the bottom of the issue and provide repairs that will last. That is just one aspect that makes us the best refrigerator repair company in Pomona CA.

You have found the best refrigerator repair company that can help with all brands

At American Appliance Repair we work with a wide range of brands from Amana to Maytag, from Whirlpool to Scotsman. We can assist with repairs for these and other brands and we stay up to date on the latest innovations and repair options for them.

We also specialize in Sub-Zero refrigerator repair. These unique units have the latest technology to help keep your food as fresh as possible as long as possible, and the air purification system is not just amazing – it was inspired by NASA. With these advanced technological components, it is not a surprise that only the best refrigerator repair company in Pomona CA is going to have the level of experience required for effective repairs. That company is American Appliance Repair.

From ongoing maintenance to same-day service – we can help with it all

The best refrigerator repair company in Pomona CA is one that can help with all your repair needs. That is what we can do for you at American Appliance Repair. We provide ongoing maintenance services to help ensure your fridge runs for years to come. We provide same-day emergency service when you need your fridge fixed fast. And we provide everything in between those two extremes. Contact us now at 800-640-9934 to get started.