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Appliance Repair in Rialto CA

You can count on us whenever you need any kind of appliance repair in Rialto CA

Do foods spoil too quickly in your fridge or get encrusted with frost in your freezer? Does your washing machine shake itself across the laundry room whenever you use it? This is just a small sampling of the kinds of problems you can solve simply by calling American Appliance Repair. Our technicians keep up with the latest developments in appliance technology, so we can provide the necessary appliance repair in Rialto CA whether you have an old, beat up unit or a brand new energy-efficient one. Call now and you’ll most likely get same day service for your:

Need Warranty Appliance Repair in Rialto CA?

If you have a Maytag, Jenn-Air, Scotsman, Amana, or Whirlpool appliance that is still under warranty and in need of repairs, we can help. We are a certified repair center for these brands, so you can rest assured our technicians are fully qualified to work on your appliance. We also have technicians specializing in many other brands. No matter what make or model of appliance you may need service for, we will be careful to use only the best quality parts for a lasting and reliable solution to your appliance problem.

Your Satisfaction Is Important to Us

Keeping our customers happy is very important to us here at American Appliance Repair. That’s why we make a point of providing speedy service and keeping customers in the loop regarding their repair options. We’ll let you know what’s wrong with your appliance, how to fix it, and what the cost would be, but the final decision as to how to proceed will be up to you. We’ll even provide our honest opinion as to whether a repair to an older appliance is really worth it, of if it would be more cost-effective to replace the appliance. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions about appliance repair in Rialto CA.

Ready to Get Expert Appliance Repair in Rialto CA?

Remember, we want you to be 100 percent happy with your appliance so we’ll even help with the little stuff like burnt out lights and funny noises. Call or click now to schedule your appliance repair in Rialto CA.

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