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Quick Fixes to Common Washing Machine Issues Homeowners Deal With

Quick Fixes to Common Washing Machine Issues Homeowners Deal With

If you are dealing with issues with your washing machine, it can seem hopeless. You may be tired of the inconvenience but feel confident it is something you can fix without the need to call for washing machine maintenance or repair. Keep reading for a few ideas on quick fixes, then contact American Appliance Repair at 800-640-9934 if you need additional help.

A Leaking Washing Machine

If you have a washing machine leak in the front or back, it may mean that there is a failure in a seal or that one of the containers is not correctly balanced. In the event the leak is coming from the front of the washer, it is likely an issue with the seal of the door. If the leak is coming from the back, then it may be an issue with the water line connections. If the leak is coming from underneath the machine or somewhere else, it may be that there is an internal connection problem within the housing of the washer.

The best way to fix this issue depends largely on where the leak is coming from. Before calling your local appliance repair company there are a few things you can try. First, if the leak is coming from the back of the washer then you can try to tighten your water line connections. Just find the connections at the wall and try to tighten them. If the were noticeably loose then this could be the issue.

A Washing Machine That Smells Bad – Even When Nothing is in It

It is more common than it should be for high efficiency, front-loading washing machines to develop a bad, sour smell over time. This is caused by the thick rubber seals necessary to keep water from leaking while your washer is working. These seals fold over tightly and water can puddle in them. This then encourages mildew growth and can cause bad smells in the washer – even when nothing is inside it.

The good news about this issue is that there is actually nothing wrong with your washer – it is just damp and mildew has been allowed to grow. The solution is fairly simple: Kill the mildew and find ways to increase airflow so the problem does not persist.

There are a few ways you can kill the mildew. One, you can run the washer empty with white vinegar and borax granules in place of detergent. Vinegar works to kill funguses and mildew, while the borax kills organic spores that create the smell.

If this problem persists then you will need to clean it often. If it seems to happen every quickly, then there may be something wrong with your seal. At this point you can contact your local appliance repair company to get help repairing your unit. American Appliance Repair can be reached at 800-640-9934.

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