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These Six Signs Might Indicate That You Have a Mold Problem in Your Appliance Lines and Pipes

These Six Signs Might Indicate That You Have a Mold Problem in Your Appliance Lines and Pipes

If you have any of the following situations occurring in your home, then you might have a mold problem in your appliance lines and pipes. This is not something to take lightly – it is something that requires a call to an appliance repair company for help. Continue reading for the six signs that indicate there is an issue, then contact American Appliance Repair at 800-640-9934 if you need assistance.

  1. There is a Bad, Sour, or Moldy Smell When You Turn on the Water.
  2. This is often the first sign that a homeowner knows there is something wrong with their water: It smells sour. Water should smell like nothing, but if it smells like anything it should be slightly metallic. This can be caused by it sitting in pipes for an extended period of time. If you smell mold on your water, then you should consider if there are other symptoms that an issue is in play.
  3. Mold is Growing in Pipes or Appliance Fixtures
  4. If you can see mold growing outside pipes then there is a decent chance that there is also mold living within the plumbing and appliance fixtures. Look at the valves and faucets, as they are top choices of mold due to the moisture and heat. If you have mold growing on metal, you can generally count on more mold growing around your home.
  5. You Have Mold Growing Throughout Your Home
  6. If there is mold in your tap water then it is likely everywhere. Mold in tap water means that the water – and the mold – has gotten into everything. You clean with that water. You bathe with that water. You wipe down your counters with what water. If it has mold in it then it is likely in your appliance lines and pipes too.
  7. It Looks Like Dirt is Growing Around Your Toilet or Inside the Toilet Tank
  8. Take a look inside your toilet where the water sits when it is not in use. Mold doesn’t generally grow in this area because the water moves too often, but if there is already mold in the water then it might latch on. In often looks like dirt growing but is in fact mud – and likely came from within the pipes or appliances.
  9. When You Open a Household Water Tank You Get a Strong Smell of Mold
  10. If you have water tanks, check on them. They may be sitting there full of mold. If you open them up and smell mold, then it is likely that mold has gotten into your home and has spread through it.
  11. Your Hair Smells Like Mold After a Shower
  12. If you get out of the shower, dry your hair, and notice that your hair smells like mold, it might just be because there is mold in your water.

At American Appliance Repair we can help prevent issues like these by maintaining your appliances. Call us now at 800-640-9934 to learn more.

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